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I’m excited to bring my Two-Stroke Strategy to you. It’s German track record has banked gains on 24 positions this year alone - with over half coming in at over 100%!*

Ready to get started? Here’s everything you’ll receive as a Charter Member of Two-Stroke Trader:

  • BONUS: A full write up of my inaugural trade recommendation
  • Monthly issues with 6 carefully-selected recommended options plays: 4 calls and 2 puts for our Primary Portfolio (the first one arrives in early September!)
  • Weekly updates typically giving you 1 shorter-term trade for our Opportunity Portfolio
  • Timely Trade Alerts: Announcing a second buy of a trade or when it’s time to close our position
  • Exclusive access to members-only website with archives of all recommendations and communications I’ll send to you
  • Access to our essential book for traders, “The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Leveraging Wealth Using Options”. Its 87 pages include the history of options trading, a glossary of terms, options trading platforms, how to manage risk, as well as strategies and insight you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
  • A free daily subscription to the hugely popular Godesburg’s Haven Investment Letter written by me and my colleague, US economist, Garrett Baldwin.
  • And a 90-Day Full Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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Dr. Gregor Bauer
Chief Analyst, Two-Stroke Trader

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About Dr. Gregor Bauer

Gregor Bauer Rated one of Germany’s top 300 economic experts, Dr. Gregor Bauer credits his trading success to combining fundamental aspects of a trade with expert technical analysis. Dr. Bauer has taught Portfolio Management and Technical Analysis at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, the European Business School, and various other academies for professional development. Now he brings his knowledge to U.S. readers as an analyst with Godesburg Financial Publishing.

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